Monday, 2 May 2011

Amazing Tomatoes

First time gardener... I planted two different varieties and I had quite a lot of fruit but it wasn't ripening and it was getting too cold. I was worried I would have to compost the whole plant without tasting any beautiful home grown fruit.

I was saved once again by Gardening Australia. Who would have thought that pulling the plant out, washing the roots and hanging them upside down in the shed would result in the fruit ripening within 2-4 weeks and tasting fantastic. Almost forget to mention not to worry if all the leaves fall off (compost them).

Gardening is a fabulous learning experience. Things go wrong but there is usually some way to turn things round. It's all a matter of finding out the best action to take.

To learn how to apply these lessons to every aspect of life. There is the challenge.

The bigger tomato is taking longer to ripen but it's starting to happen. I will be able to save some seeds to sew in spring.

Gardening Australia has once again shown me the way. Take a tomato and put it in a jar to decompose then sieve it then wash the seeds. Leave them to dry in the same jar and voila you will have seeds for your next seasons crop.

Can you believe how amazing it is !

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