Saturday, 30 April 2011

Two steps back and hopefully one step forward

For the last week I have been knitting away and going absolutely nowhere. My inability to read a knitting pattern correctly has seen me undo 45 rows of the left front of a cardigan not once but twice. Actually this time I need to go back 58 rows. Crazy!

I should have read through the pattern before jumping straight in and going for it. One day soon it will be a cardigan. I will practice my patience and continue.


  1. good luck with your knitting. i am not very good at following patterns either. i also wanted to reply to a comment you left on my blog today and say, thank you. it meant a lot to hear from you. i do really want a veggie garden too, our shady balcony just isn't cutting it : ) x

  2. Oh Thank you so much for posting a comment on my blog. This is the first for me.
    I did manage to work the pattern out and have completed the left front Yay !
    I love Handmade Romance. X