Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Aunt's Beautiful Knitted Blanket

I've always loved this knitted blanket my aunt made from leftover wool. It's so great that leftover wool can be pulled together and transformed into something so amazing.

The details are just gorgeous. Each square has been knitted in stocking stitch with a moss stitch border then embroidered in wool using a different design for each square and crocheted together. A crochet border has been used on the edge then it is backed with wool felt. It is incredibly warm and beautiful.

You might have noticed I have used a photograph of the blanket for the background in my blog. My Aunt is also a wonderful painter and, of course, an inspiration to me.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Here we sew again !

I haven't done any sewing for a long time. I've been so inspired by Frankie and Peppermint Magazines I decided to get the sewing machine out from the back of the cupboard where it's been gathering dust. I found a great retro inspired pattern and some fabric on sale to make a dress for my niece's wedding.

The pattern has the option of a straight or an a-line skirt. I'm going to make the pattern with the straight skirt next in a light denim with embroidered anchors in red and blue.

Will keep you posted.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Amazing Tomatoes

First time gardener... I planted two different varieties and I had quite a lot of fruit but it wasn't ripening and it was getting too cold. I was worried I would have to compost the whole plant without tasting any beautiful home grown fruit.

I was saved once again by Gardening Australia. Who would have thought that pulling the plant out, washing the roots and hanging them upside down in the shed would result in the fruit ripening within 2-4 weeks and tasting fantastic. Almost forget to mention not to worry if all the leaves fall off (compost them).

Gardening is a fabulous learning experience. Things go wrong but there is usually some way to turn things round. It's all a matter of finding out the best action to take.

To learn how to apply these lessons to every aspect of life. There is the challenge.

The bigger tomato is taking longer to ripen but it's starting to happen. I will be able to save some seeds to sew in spring.

Gardening Australia has once again shown me the way. Take a tomato and put it in a jar to decompose then sieve it then wash the seeds. Leave them to dry in the same jar and voila you will have seeds for your next seasons crop.

Can you believe how amazing it is !

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Two steps back and hopefully one step forward

For the last week I have been knitting away and going absolutely nowhere. My inability to read a knitting pattern correctly has seen me undo 45 rows of the left front of a cardigan not once but twice. Actually this time I need to go back 58 rows. Crazy!

I should have read through the pattern before jumping straight in and going for it. One day soon it will be a cardigan. I will practice my patience and continue.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Om Ah Hung !

I awoke this morning at 5:55 am to attend an early morning meditation with Khandro Thrinlay Choden.

Khandro is a female Tibetan Buddhist teacher who is an inspiration. As well as travelling the world sharing her knowledge, which is a great blessing to us all, she oversees a number of projects in India which include Himalayan Hermitages for Women, providing medical services for the Himalayan nomads and providing educational grants to young people who are from isolated and poor families.

Khandro la is currently in Australia and will give be giving teachings around the country. She has such a warm and loving nature. To find out more about Khandro and her projects please check out http://www.khachodling.org/.

My friend Jane is fortunate to travel with Khandro la as her attendant. I am so happy to have her back in Australia.

I met Jane years ago when I went to Sakya Tharpa Ling while on a journey to find out more information about Tibetan Buddhism. I had read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche and was looking for more.

We've been friends ever since.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Saturday

It's so great to sleep in. I'm finding I am still waking up around 7:00 am to water the garden. But... Then back to bed with a cup of tea and a book. The luxury of a long weekend.

I have a small gap in my garden as I had to pull out my tomato plants. There is quite a lot of fruit but they aren't ripening. The week before last on Gardening Australia Tino dug his tomato plants, washed their roots and hung them outside in the shed. The fruit will ripen in about 2-4 weeks and not to worry if all the leaves falls off. More ingredients for the compost. Yay !

I'm going to fill the gap with some leeks. Couldn't find any seedlings so I've planted some seeds.

Met up with some friends for brunch so dropped in to the garden centre on the way home. I was planning to buy either leek seedlings or seeds and I wanted to grow some dwarf dahlias (not sure whether they grow from a seed or a bulb). I didn't find any seeds or bulbs but I did find a seedling with one very pretty flower. By the time I got home the flower was missing. It had fallen off in the car so ...

While I was searching for leek seedlings I found a native peppermint and a lemon balm plant for making tea. I'm really looking forward to the plants growing bigger so I can start making some fabulous herbal tea. I've already got some chamomile but I need to wait for it to flower.

Some more up-to-date photographs of my bathtub/wash tub garden.

The plan for the afternoon is to cut out a fifties retro dress from some lightweight denim with embroidered red and blue anchors then maybe watch "New York I love You" on dvd.

Hope you're doing something amazing that inspires you.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

It all started with procrastination

This is my first blog. I want to blog about my garden, art, craft and being creative.
I was a procrastinator (not sure if the spelling is right) with lots of ideas. I had a list in my head of all the things I wanted to do but had allowed work to overtake everything.

High on my list was creating a no-dig garden. I have fond memories of my grandparents garden. They lived on a farm 10 miles from the nearest town and only shopping once a week so it was necessary to grow your own fresh produce. The idea that I no longer had access to that knowledge base made me feel sad.

Our grandparents tried not to waste anything. A lot of people now want to go back to that way of thinking and being. Including me.

I finally built my little no-dig garden and it's only been growing a few months but already I have learnt so much. It's a continual source of beauty and inspiration. My crops haven't really been substantial as yet but I already have plans to expand for spring.

Creating this garden has made me smile every day.

I will put some more photographs up soon as it's changed quite considerably.

Peace & Love