Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Saturday

It's so great to sleep in. I'm finding I am still waking up around 7:00 am to water the garden. But... Then back to bed with a cup of tea and a book. The luxury of a long weekend.

I have a small gap in my garden as I had to pull out my tomato plants. There is quite a lot of fruit but they aren't ripening. The week before last on Gardening Australia Tino dug his tomato plants, washed their roots and hung them outside in the shed. The fruit will ripen in about 2-4 weeks and not to worry if all the leaves falls off. More ingredients for the compost. Yay !

I'm going to fill the gap with some leeks. Couldn't find any seedlings so I've planted some seeds.

Met up with some friends for brunch so dropped in to the garden centre on the way home. I was planning to buy either leek seedlings or seeds and I wanted to grow some dwarf dahlias (not sure whether they grow from a seed or a bulb). I didn't find any seeds or bulbs but I did find a seedling with one very pretty flower. By the time I got home the flower was missing. It had fallen off in the car so ...

While I was searching for leek seedlings I found a native peppermint and a lemon balm plant for making tea. I'm really looking forward to the plants growing bigger so I can start making some fabulous herbal tea. I've already got some chamomile but I need to wait for it to flower.

Some more up-to-date photographs of my bathtub/wash tub garden.

The plan for the afternoon is to cut out a fifties retro dress from some lightweight denim with embroidered red and blue anchors then maybe watch "New York I love You" on dvd.

Hope you're doing something amazing that inspires you.

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