Thursday, 21 April 2011

It all started with procrastination

This is my first blog. I want to blog about my garden, art, craft and being creative.
I was a procrastinator (not sure if the spelling is right) with lots of ideas. I had a list in my head of all the things I wanted to do but had allowed work to overtake everything.

High on my list was creating a no-dig garden. I have fond memories of my grandparents garden. They lived on a farm 10 miles from the nearest town and only shopping once a week so it was necessary to grow your own fresh produce. The idea that I no longer had access to that knowledge base made me feel sad.

Our grandparents tried not to waste anything. A lot of people now want to go back to that way of thinking and being. Including me.

I finally built my little no-dig garden and it's only been growing a few months but already I have learnt so much. It's a continual source of beauty and inspiration. My crops haven't really been substantial as yet but I already have plans to expand for spring.

Creating this garden has made me smile every day.

I will put some more photographs up soon as it's changed quite considerably.

Peace & Love

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